S.S. Ranwa - Chairman D.S.S.

“Education is not the filling of the mind with facts but initiating the mind

Dundlod Shikshan Sansthan Jhunjhunu was founded in 2007 with a novel and farsighted approach of how rural education can be infinitely bettered through value based exceptional education with specific emphasis on holistic personality development. I affirm that the pre requisite of present day’s smart student is to extensively exploit the challenges and opportunities at hand at the outside in his/her personal and professional life. In this way, every student will be able to willingly shoulder the onus which they would have to face in the times to come once they complete their schooling.

After accomplishing a successful and eventful journey of sixteen years, it is thought of as number one in India. It accurately draws the students’ eyes not only from Rajasthan but from other states of India also. DPS bestows an environment propitious to active learning and personal growth with state-of-the-art infrastructure. We galvanize the students into developing communication skills so that they are primed with the personality that splendidly equips them with what it is necessary to face the challenges that they may confront in their future life with immense courage and absolute confidence.

The education imparted here has sensational powers to bring enormous benefits to the individual and their society. DPS’ prime objective is to measure up to the intellectual, social and academic desideratum of every student through the fitting and pertinent inputs. I extend a warm welcome to our students and wish them a great future after a rewarding spell of educational career at DPS


To be the centre stage of edification for aggrandizing a culture of unfaltering educational prowess with specific prominence on developing core values with modern outlook.


To come up with a learning environment that fosters self- reliant reasoning in students and prepares them to become ethical citizens with global ambitions.


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Admissions Open For Session 2024-2025